Pie Sale

Update: Our pie sale added $175.00 to our operating treasury. Thanks to all who participated and especially my wonderful “crew” of Nancy D, Jodi, and April.

February, George Washington, and cherries all remind me of our club PIE SALE taking place until our club meeting on Tuesday evening. I will collect the orders and payment to hand in to the Red Eagle Produce Company. Please try to sell to family, friends, and neighbors as we all work toward a successful fundraiser. These large pies cost $15.00 each, giving us a $5.00 profit made on each pie. (This is the same amount you would pay if you bought a pie at their store.) All checks should be made out to the Woman’s Club of West Deptford.

We will need four cars to help with the pie pickup at RED EAGLE on the morning of Monday, February 17th, Presidents’ Day, at 10:00 a.m. We will transport the orders to the West Deptford Library meeting room. Our members can pick up their pie orders from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The library will let us use their wooden cart to bring the pies inside from our cars. We especially thank the library for their assistance in providing the pickup place where we will distribute our pies.

Please see the sign-up sheet at our next meeting to assist our efforts with your car or by volunteering to stay at the library to pass out the pie orders.

***REMINDER: All nine varieties of pies can be frozen for future use as well. Thank you for supporting our treasury/operating account.

Linda J.