Education has the power to change lives. There is no doubt about that fact.

But unfortunately, there are millions of people who lack opportunities to learn or have insufficient skills to assert their right to education.

The magnitude of the problem is so great that it can be overwhelming. But our club has chosen a few specific areas in which to concentrate our efforts.

  • High School Scholarships: When our club was founded in 1993, the very first thing we did was establish an annual scholarship for a graduating high school senior. Since that time we have increased the dollar amount of our scholarships to $1,000, and increased the number of scholarships given. For more information on our scholarships, click here to go to the Scholarships page.
  • Our Library: We support library programs. One of the first donations we make each year is to the West Deptford Public Library. We use the library meeting room whenever it is available for our projects..
  • Elementary School Reading Program: Fostering a love of books in children is a critical element of instilling a love of learning. One of our projects is to go into a local elementary school and read to the children. The kids love it, and so do our volunteers!
  • Book Festival: Each year the library sponsors this festival, and our part has been to lead the children in making bookmarks. Our Creative Arts Community Service Program chair led this project, and several hundred children received bookmark kits.

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