April President’s Message

Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring! It has been a very long, cold, windy, rainy, snowy winter and I am ready for the warmer weather. I do love living in an area where there are four seasons and find something special about each season but…I am over the winter weather for this year. Bring on the warmth, flowers, birds, and even a “few” weeds in the gardens.?

 Strong women aren’t simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life. With each challenge we grow mentally and emotionally. We move forward with our head held high and a strength that can not be denied. A woman who’s been through the storm and survived…We are warriors!       —Author Unknown

Another month where I reflect and look at all that we have accomplished in just 30 days. Incredible! No matter what is going on in our personal lives, we never forget others and doing what we can to make a difference…even the smallest effort… is more than some ever receive. As this quote states, you are warriors and never let anything stop you from doing what is right for you.

This has been a busy month for paperwork and getting our club registered in events. We have 8 people attending the Virtual NJSFWC convention at the end of April. Our own Denise H. will be handling the Zoom links and we have 7 members attending either one or both days. We also have 4 delegates and 2 alternates this year for voting on updated bylaws and resolutions as well. Next, we have 5 members participating in the Virtual Garden District Spring Conference on April 15th. Both gatherings will allow us to receive information from clubs across the state as well as sharing what we as a club have been up to this year. I am looking forward to sharing our activities with the Executive Board and other clubs.

For those of you who were able to attend last month’s virtual meeting, you know all about what I am going to share. For those of you who were not able to be with us, I need to share great news. I received an email from Barbara McCloskey, 2nd Vice President of the NJSFWC and the Report Writing Chairman. In her email, she shared that our Women’s Suffrage program was the top project for the state and that our project has been submitted to the GFWC Legislations Chairman for consideration for 2020 recognition. Winners will be announced at the GFWC convention in Atlanta, August 28-30th. I cannot tell you how excited I am that we have been considered and win or not, I am so proud to join all of you who put so much into planning this program. Although we were not able to actually hold our program last year, it is still being considered. Of course, we now fast forward to 2021 and thanks to Nancy B. who followed up with the Principal at the WDHS, we now have the opportunity to have our program be videotaped with information from the Alice Paul Museum and the League of Women Voters edited into the taping. A big shout out to Nancy B. and to Chris T. who is as we speak, prepping her notes to be part of this historic activity. We have been told that our program will then be part of the History Curriculum at the HS. There will also be voter registration forms available for students who will be of age to vote. How exciting is this!!!!! Although it would have been awesome to do this in person, this is still amazing news. What an opportunity to show what the WCWD can do, even during a Pandemic.

Also shared last month at our Zoom meeting are this year’s recipients of the Order of the Lily and Honor Roll. I am so proud to be able to recognize these amazing women who do so much in the name of the club and for the community.

Congratulations goes to Linda J. who has been chosen as our Order of the Lily recipient and to Cynthia H-B. and Chris T. who have been chosen as our Honor Roll recipients. These three incredible ladies will join an elite group of women who continue to make a difference. I want to also thank Carol F., Denise P., Jeannette W., and Cheryl F. for serving on this committee and fulfilling this extremely hard task of choosing candidates. All of you are so worthy, and I know that this was not an easy job.

Thank you also goes out to all of you for your support in finalizing our Donations List for 2021. You made this job so easy, and we will be sending out our donations to the approved list of recipients this month.

Shout Out Time!!! As we move toward the end of the club year, we are updating committees and looking toward all of our future activities and events. As you know, Carol M. has taken over the Education Committee and has done a fantastic job collecting books and keeping track of costs and hours. She has found a Co-Chair and we are happy to add Sandy M. to the Education Committee. She will definitely be an asset and will help Carol with all that pertains to Education. Also, Carol M. has taken over the Civic Engagement and Outreach Committee. Her informative articles in Tidbits have been incredible and she continues to do extensive research to share important information regarding pioneers who have made a difference. Her Committee is also in charge of Operation Yellow Ribbon and Agnes K. has volunteered to help her get these stockings together for our Military. More information will be forthcoming on this.

As Carol M. has completely taken over two committees, she has agreed to help with the Health and Wellness Committee as needed but will no longer serve as a Co-Chair. She will be missed on this committee but we thank her for her continued support. Chris T. has done an amazing job with Health and Wellness and continues to do so. She is a force that does not stop. She is welcoming Kim V-C. as a Co-Chair to help with all of the collections that go with this committee. Kim will definitely be an asset to Chris and Linda M., and we are happy to add Kim to this busy committee.

Peggy G. …what an outstanding Virtual Floral Arrangement Social Activity you held for us! I had the best time, as did so many who joined in to make a floral centerpiece. My basket is still doing well and has made it to Easter! I can’t wait for the next one!!! Jody H. and Holly R. … your planning for the Virtual Tour of the Spice and Tea Exchange in Haddonfield was the best! I am not usually a tea drinker, yet I cannot wait to go and see this shop in person. Every one of our ladies who have already visited this shop said it is as wonderful as it was shown on our Virtual Social Activity. All of you amaze me with your ideas. Finally…our Book Talk on the latest read “Such A Fun Age”… very interesting read. So…what are we reading next?

Don’t forget to read all our committee reports and articles in this month’s Tidbits as it will keep you up to date on all our activities. Our April meeting will be virtual and start at 7:00 p.m. May and June meetings will be in person, outdoors at St. Paul’s Church Parking Lot. We will be starting earlier while in person to get everything done before dark.

Have a wonderful week, stay safe and enjoy the warmer weather!