Health & Wellness 130 Challenge

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As presented at the October meeting, we asked you to give your opinion how to meet the “Health and Wellness 130 Challenge.” I tallied the emails and together with Chris T. and April M. we discussed the results and how to implement the plan. The consensus is that together we move toward getting healthy, and we have multiple ways of doing that. Walking was by far the most popular way to do this; however, we did see exercise and exercising in groups was also popular.

So with that said, I am taking charge of this activity over the course of two years. Everyone will chart their activity and send me their information each month. I tally everyone’s exercise activity via whatever method you choose: Walking/miles, walking/minutes, exercise/minutes, and weight loss. No one needs to know your starting weight nor how much weight you lose. You can report out to me but I will never repeat those numbers. There is no pressure, but we are trying to get 100% participation and have fun doing this as a group.

I am available to discuss privately what might work best for you and creating exercise/activity (there are plenty of options even for those with mobility limitations). I will report out in Tidbits and at club meetings. We have also set up a private Facebook page just for our WD Woman’s Club. This is only for our club members and for now solely for communication with our group and to organize some group activities. We found that the other Facebook page is a public page and currently has 635 members. Our page is private and again, only those in our club will be able to view the page. I am the administrator and looking for someone else who would like to assist me. If you are a member of Facebook and have not been invited to join the group, please email or message me.

And just as a reminder, if you have not been very active recently we recommend or suggest that you get your physician clearance before starting this exercise plan. I guess another important item is a start date. January 1, 2023 #LadiesOnTheMove.

Please, please, please, this is meant to be fun. Do not stress about this!

Carol D.

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