Red Bank School Book Fair

Advocates for Children Report

Our club supported the Red Bank School Book Fair 2023. We are so happy to report that 8 members volunteered for the Book Fair. The children and adult volunteers had a great time! Sharon J. even made a new friend. Helping in our community is what we do best!!

Nurses’ Closet Update

We have contacted our Elementary School Nurses for a Wish List of Supplies. A number of our friends and co-workers have helped with the list.

Items remaining are:

  • Boys’ underwear in size 6 or size Small—3 packs
  • Sweatpants for boys in size Small and Medium—3 in each size
  • Plastic bags for sending soiled clothing home—50
  • Flushable wipes for the bathroom—3 packs
  • Lysol or Clorox wipes—2 canisters
  • Large bottle of apple juice—1
  • Saltine crackers—3 boxes
  • Plastic spoons—100

We are grateful to our members for any help that can be provided.