Special State Project Report

Operation Chillout:
Homeless Veterans Outreach

At our October meeting the club voted to put $78.00 into our collection for our Special State Project. We now have a total of $168.00 to donate for our Special State Project 2020-2022. Thank you!

Ray Chimileski, a volunteer of Operation Chillout for the last 20 years, spoke at the NJSFWC State Fall Conference Zoom meeting. He provided background information on why and how they started helping homeless veterans. An interesting fact of this organization is that it is totally volunteer with no paid workers. He also spoke of how our clubs can continue to help with their Winter Backpack & Emergency Response Fund Drive. Just go online to help.

Donations of $10 will rescue a veteran or get emergency supplies. A donation of $25 will supply a winter gear backpack. If you want to help, go to operationchillout.org.

Please email me if you donate so I can keep track of our clubs donations.

No more notecards are needed at this time. Thank you to everyone that made cards to give to homeless veterans.

Thank you for your continued support.

Photo Caption: OVER 1,000 SWEATSHIRTS, including our 22, were loaded up from Headquarters into the Operation Chillout Van to help keep homeless veterans warm this winter.