130 Challenge Report: January

Well, we are off to a great start to our 130 challenge! We’ve had three Facebook Lives that helped us all to learn what to expect and how to calculate our hours and miles of exercise. It’s been hard to find a favorable time for most of us to watch the FB LIVE, but many have responded that they have watched the replay, which is the advantage of the recordings.

For January 2023, we had 18 respond with their stats. We walked 280.5 miles (average of 23 miles), which is an incredible start considering the weather in NJ has been relatively cold. And 18 of us did 285 hours of exercise (including walking, biking, swimming, dancing, yoga, chair yoga, golfing, low impact aerobic classes, spin class, and boot-camp). That was about 16.5 hours on average per person. Wow!!! Super impressed. And best of all, 5 ladies lost 22.3 lbs. Yeah!!!!

Excited to see what February brings. Keep up the good work, ladies, and congrats on a great start to the year!

—Carol D.

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