February President’s Message

February is here and the weeks continue to move by at a rapid pace. That is okay with me if it means bringing some warmer weather😊

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. –Edward Everett Hale

When I saw this quote, I totally thought of all of you. Maybe we cannot do everything but look at what we can do and what we accomplish every month. No matter how you participate, even if it is only one activity, you make a difference.

As I stated in last months President’s Message, I have written two articles for Tidbits. One is a “Shout Out to Members” article recognizing some of the work being done between meetings and the other is my “President’s Message” with important information to share with all of you. You wanted shorter articles so I am starting with adjusting my own. I feel it is important to recognize members who do so much as well as keep you posted in everything going on in the club. Two shorter articles are achieving that goal. Hopefully this works much better for you.

State Reports have been sent and I have heard from a couple State Chairs so our paperwork has been received. Great work ladies…the reports looked great!

I have submitted the “Carol J. Sas” Nomination Form for our Club. With careful consideration and looking at State Reports, I found enough activities to add up to 105 points. We only needed 100. I do not know how this award works but whether we qualify or not, we have done some amazing things this past year. Kudos to all of you and the work you do.

I will be sending out our 2022 Donations List for all of you to look over by the end of the month. Please review our list from last year and send me any thoughts you may have. The Board will review everything and put a list together for voting at our March meeting.

I have submitted our “Friends of Convention” listing for the NJSFWC Convention Booklet. Our own Denise H. is putting the Convention booklet together so it was easy to get our information to her in a timely manner.

Please check out our First VP, Janice M.’s article on upcoming internal fundraisers. There are some fun ones coming, especially the pizza and flowers fundraisers. Something for everyone to participate in.

We have a speaker coming to our February 21st General Membership meeting. Journey Hospice will be giving a very interesting talk on what hospice really is and its help to families.

Our Second VP, Cynthia H-B will be organizing our yearly Orientation Night this spring. This evening was a huge success last year and we had a District speaker as well as veteran members talk about the NJSFWC on the Federal, State, District and Local level. Look for information coming soon on this great night. It is definitely an informational night for our new members but is also a great way for any member to see what is happening and the forward thinking changes that are taking place within the Women’s Clubs.

Our Spring Conference/Achievement Day is coming in April. The Arts and Culture committee will be receiving the information on this event. If anyone wishes to submit a craft/photos/paintings and more, look for information coming soon. Forms for Achievement Day will be at our February meeting.

As the Groundhog has seen his shadow, we are in for 6 more weeks of winter. If this past weekend is any indication, it is going to be a roller coaster of temperatures. Stay warm, enjoy time with family and keep working on that “130 Challenge.” We’ve got this!

Remember that our Galentine’s Night is Monday, February 13th, our General Meeting is February 21st and bring those Secret Pal gifts to either Galentine’s Night or to our meeting.

Make sure you read Tidbits each month as that is your informational portal to all activities. This shortens committee reports and allows time for more discussion and socialization. J

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


Shout Out to Members

As promised, I have started a new article section recognizing our very active members each month. We have so many ladies that continue to work to help each of us in the club and in the community. Everyone one of you deserve to be recognized for all that you do and I will try to highlight different members each month.

  “Hey you,
            Yes you!
                      I think you’re amazing!
                                 Have a beautiful day!

Let’s start with our Social Committee who meet regularly to give us the most amazing list of activities to enjoy with our Club sisters. Jody H., Margie M., Holly R. and Kat N. are amazing with the different opportunities that they research and share with us. I had a great time at Piston Diner with our Breakfast crew who were able to come, and can’t wait for our Galentine’s Dinner with Club Sisters us for an evening of fun and fellowship. Oh…and I am signed up for Ax Throwing…how awesome is that! I can’t wait to try my hand at that one. Look for our Social Article in this Tidbits for the most up to date information on what is happening.

Education has been busy as Carla B. and her committee have been busy collecting books to be shelved at the West Deptford Middle School for the teachers. I do want to recognize Carol M. and husband Bruce for making labels for the donated books recognizing the WCWD for the donations.

Civic Engagement and Outreach Chairs Denise H. and Sharon J. asked that the members collect foods to be donated to the SJ Dream Center for our Day of Service Activity in January. This was our only collection for this month and we collected over 400 lbs of food! Thank you to all of the members who kindly donated foods for this worthy cause.

A big that you to all of our Committee Chairs for getting their State Reports to me by the 15th of January. I was able to copy all the reports and send them out to the State Chairs.

Our Order of the Lily and Honor Roll Committee, chaired by Carol F. met and completed the incredibly difficult task of selecting Honor Roll and Order of the Lily recipients. I know that had several nominations and I thank them for their hard work.

Our Basket Raffle each Fall is our big fundraiser and allows us to donate monies to so many worthy organizations. Our BR Committee Chairs this year, Denise H., Nancy D. and Sue N. has already started getting ready for another successful night. Thank you, ladies, for being so on top of this important evening. Look for information in this month’s Tidbits as the chairs share what is in place so far.

Finally…our Health and Wellness Committee…the ladies to keep us up to date on health issues, organize needed collections for the needy and for encouraging us with the “130 Challenge.” Carol D. has really taken this activity to a wonderful level and her videos are inspiring. I have jumped right into this exciting activity and have submitted my January numbers. No matter your abilities…there is something for everyone. Also, Chris T. is home for a few weeks from Florida and has already reached out for donated clothing while she is home. Please drop off any bags to Chris’s home or bring to our February 21st meeting.

Thank you to all of our Club Sisters who continue to participate in the variety of activities that we do each month. It is you who make us so amazing.