April President’s Message

There are two seasons that are my favorite…Fall and Spring. I love the crisp air and the changing of the leaves of Fall, but Spring holds a special place as well. Within the month of April, Spring starts to wake up the earth and give us new surprises each day. There is always something to find each day in April. Most of the time we celebrate Easter (not this year J) and start planning our summer activities. I hope all of you enjoy this wonderful month.

Make today so AWESOME that yesterday gets jealous —Author Unknown

As all of you are already AWESOME, I wish that your day(s) are just as awesome as you are. Do something special for yourself as well as what you do for others. Each of you contributes to making a day awesome for another. J Do the same for yourself!

This month we have a special Speaker coming for Domestic Violence Month. Jackie Menendez, CSVA (Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate) for SERV will be sharing important information on this topic. I am sure you do not want to miss it.

The April Garden District Conference and Achievement Day is April 18th this year. We have 18 ladies attending and several projects entered into the Achievement Day contest. I am sending good luck to all of our ladies. I know you will be bringing home ribbons. As there are so many of us, I will be sending out an email to attendees so we can determine who wants to car pool together. More on that after our meeting.

Don’t forget to put May 21st on your calendar. Our Second VP, Cynthia H-B. has scheduled a New Member Orientation and all are invited. She has invited our next Garden District VP Mary Schneider to speak, along with some of our club members. We have a lot of information to share with our new members, and our veteran members are always welcome. We have a 30-year history with a wealth of accomplishments.

The committee collections for this month are Domestic Violence and Family Promise. Please look for DV Chair Linda M.’s article in this month’s Tidbits for more information on what her committee is doing this month. For the rest of the year…May is open so if a committee would like to do a collection for May, please let me know. In June our last committee collection will be Family Promise.

We will be voting on our new slate of officers at our April Meeting. The ladies will be installed at our June Dinner at Charlie Brown’s and will be taking over at that time. At our May meeting, your board will work together with our new officers so that we have a smooth transition.

Another friendly reminder that Peg S. will be collecting dues for the 24/25 club year. Dues are $45 and are due by our April meeting. We must submit our number of members to the State by May 1st.

We received an invitation to march in the Memorial Day Parade this year. I will be asking for a vote as to whether we participate in this year’s Parade. I realize that some of our members may not be able to participate, but we will discuss this at our meeting.

Convention is coming in May! We have 4 ladies staying the 3 days and several of us will be attending on Wednesday, May 8, to celebrate our deserving Honor Roll and Order of the Lily recipients. Again, I will reach out to those attending for the day to see who wants to car pool.

Don’t forget those Secret Pal gifts to bring to our meeting, and let’s wear our club shirts if you have them or just a purple shirt to our April meeting. New members or any member who needs one, please reach out to Cynthia H-B. to order one. Please remember to wear your name tags so that our new members will know what our awesome members’ names are. J

I hope your Easter was fabulous and you spent time with love ones. Have a wonderful month and enjoy the coming of the warmer weather!


Shout Out to Members

With the arrival of the month of April, we are blessed to see all of nature waking up from the long winter that seems to not want to leave us yet. J

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” –Anne Frank

I always look for quotes to inspire my Club Sisters…either to uplift them or to just let them know what a difference they make…both in the club and in their daily lives. I found this quote, written by a young girl in the worse of circumstances who had such a positive attitude. I see this same attitude in all of you who work so hard to make a difference. Whenever I have asked to support an organization, cause or help someone in need, no one hesitates to say yes or ask what can they do to help, I seriously work with the best ladies in Gloucester County. J

My first recognition goes to Cheryl F. and her Nominating Committee who worked to put together an amazing Executive Board for the 2024/26 Club Year. This task is not easy as they have to choose from all of you amazing ladies and put eight on the board for the next club year. These ladies did an incredible job!

A huge shout out to all of you who reviewed the Donations List for this year and approved the list. Our Treasurers, Peg S. and Jody H., worked together to get those checks out to our deserving recipients.

Mentioning our Treasurers, both Peg S. and Jody H. did an fabulous job keeping the books, managing our finances and keeping us abreast of how we are doing with our monies. They worked monthly to make sure our monies were balanced and/or encumbered as our club voted and approved. Ladies you are amazing!

Recognition once again to Ann C. who has collected all of the applications for project entries to enter into the Garden District Spring Conference and Achievement Day. We have 18 ladies attending this year and I am looking forward to seeing all of the incredible projects and photos that have been entered.

Another recognition goes to Carol D. and all of the ladies who have continued to work on the 130 Challenge. This challenge ends at the end of this club year and al-though I have not seen the numbers, I am sure we reached our goal. Also, thanks to Carol for offering those informative videos each month and encouraging all of us to exercise and work on our health.

A big recognition goes to Carol F. and the Honor Roll/Order of the Lily Committee. This committee worked diligently to chose our honorees this year. I heard that there were many deserving club members submitted and it was difficult to narrow their choices down. Thank you ladies…and Congratulations to Honor Roll Recipients Patty W., Sue N., Janice M. and Order of the Lily Recipient Denise P. Very deserving ladies for a job well done. I also want to recognize our Honorable Mention Recipients Jody H. and Cheryl F. I am so pleased to see them be recognized for the work and effort they bring to the Club. Our Club Sisters Rock!

All of you who attend our meetings every month make such a difference and encourage us to continue the good work that we do. I look forward to seeing you at each meeting…chatting before and after meetings, and learning how all of you support each other in our community efforts.

Thank you ladies for just being you!