Garden District Spring Conference

One hundred ten women attended our Garden District Spring Conference and Achievement Day, held at Pennsauken Country Club on Thursday, April 18.

Garden District Vice President Marie DiMatties, publicly thanked our Club for contributing 15 lighted lavender and white table centerpieces for the tables. Marie wore a lavender sweater set especially to show her appreciation for our club members. April presented her with yellow roses from our club.

The day was filled with much pride for our district club women. Presidents shared their 2023 annual reports listing their many achievements, and on display for all to view were district members’ many handcrafted arts highlighting sewing, crocheting, paper arts, watercolor painting, cooking, photography, and in the environmental category house plants.

Keynote speaker, NJSFWC President-elect Barbara McCloskey enlightened all with her inspirational talk on “A Collect for Club Women” by Mary Stewart, with an emphasis on “Let us forget not to be kind.” The Garden District welcomed 67 new members this past year.

Following a delicious lunch, NJSFWC Arts Chairperson Kathleen Reddick announced Arts and Culture Awards. Did our club shine! Our club sisters won 17 awards. District Grand Award winners will participate in the state competition at the convention.

Arts and Crafts Winners

  • Joann Keefe: Advanced Crocheting “Infant Hat”—District Grand Award
  • Kimberly Van Zoeren-Czoch: Beginner Cooking “Jams and Jellies”—District Grand Award
  • Kimberly Van Zoeren-Zcoch: Beginner Photography “Natural Wonders”—District Grand Award
  • Peg Shirey: Beginner Cooking “Cake”—District Grand Award
  • April Maska: Beginner Crocheting “Scarf”—First Place
  • Joann Keefe: Advanced Crocheting “Blanket”—First Place
  • Sharon Hink: Advanced Crocheting “Other”—First Place
  • Sharon Hink: Advanced Paper Art “Adult Coloring”—Second Place
  • Ann Caswell: Beginner Painting Watercolor Portrait—First Place
  • Ann Caswell: Beginner Painting Watercolor—Second Place
  • Jody Harris: Beginner Photography “Our World up Close” Color—First Place
  • Christine Taylor: Beginner Photography “Our World Up Close” Color—First Place
  • Kimberly Van Zoeren-Czoch: Beginner Photography “Reflection” Color—Second Place
  • Kimberly Van Zoeren-Czoch: Beginner Photography “Natural Wonders” Black & White —Second Place
  • Kimberly Van Zoeren-Czoch: Beginner Photography “Natural Wonders” Color—Third Place
  • Cynthia Holmes-Butler: Beginner Photography “Natural Wonders” Color—Third Place

Our club also received a Certificate of Merit in the category of 41+ members for Best All Around Work for Membership in the Garden District.

Eighteen of our members attended the District Conference: Janice, April, Peg S., Isabella, Cynthia, Linda M., Jody, Ann Ca., Linda C., Kim V., Denise H., Sandy M., Joann Kf., Kat N., Joan E., Debbie H., Sharon H., and Bonnie D.

The June District Council Meeting will be held on June 20; no location or time has been announced.

Upcoming Dates

  • 5/2: Garden District GCI Reception, Haddonfield Fortnightly, 6-8 pm
  • 5/6-8 NJSFWC State Convention, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
  • 6/2-5: Girls’ Career Institute at Douglass College, New Brunswick
  • 6/20: Garden District June Meeting, location to be announced

–Isabella C.