Basket Raffle Info

For Members

Hi, Woman’s Club friends!

We are working toward a successful Basket Raffle on October 10, but we need your help!!

BASKETS: The list of baskets was emailed to all members. We have 24 baskets plus the Super Basket promised so far, but we need MORE! We hope to have about 40 baskets. So please think about what you might be willing to donate and talk with your friends about what you might do together.

DONATIONS: Please think about what businesses you use and who you might solicit for donations. The letter for businesses was sent out back in May, but we’re attaching it again for your use.

TICKETS: As you heard last week from Sue N., tickets are now available! Please email her or text her to pick up your tickets. And please, SELL, SELL, SELL! We need people there in order to fund our scholarships, GCI, and other charitable donations!

PUBLICITY: Everyone was emailed the flyer in several sizes that you can print and post or hand out. Please do your best to publicize our event. We will be putting it on Facebook, and you should share our post or post it yourself to invite your friends to attend. We included a jpg version of the flyer for posting on social media.

NEXT MEETING: We will hold a ZOOM meeting TUESDAY, JULY 12 at 7 p.m. All committee members and anyone else who is interested is invited to attend. We will be sending out the ZOOM link later this week and also repeating it the day before the meeting.

THANK YOU! Thanks so much to every member who is helping in whatever way you can. We couldn’t do this without you!!

Nancy, Nancy, & Dee

Baskets Needed!

We hope to have approximately 40 baskets, as we did last year, so please be thinking about what you can donate and what your basket theme might be. So far this year we have three Vera Bradley baskets, a martini basket, a baking basket, an “Irish Warmth” basket, a Keurig coffee basket, a dog lover’s basket, a barbecue basket and several “TBD” baskets. If you’re not sure what to do, try googling “raffle basket ideas.” There are a ton of cute ones!

Remember, baskets must be all NEW items, and you need to keep track of the value of the basket for our reporting. Not how much you paid, but the retail value. And we ask that each basket have a value of at least $75 to keep our quality high.

Looking forward to another successful fundraiser for our club!