SSP Summer Projects

Hi, Ladies!

There are two projects that we can do this summer to help Emmanuel Cancer.

  1. Emmanuel is looking for volunteers to help at their golf outings.  This is their biggest fundraiser of the year. They need volunteers to stuff golfer gift bags, assemble signs, help with the live auction, etc. Monday, August 8th the golf outing will be held at Riverwinds! If you are interested in volunteering that day please contact Cheryl.
  2. Each year Emmanuel Cancer provides filled backpacks for back to school. The State Project Chairman is asking clubs to help with this project. Nice backpacks can be purchased reasonably at stores like Five Below and Walmart. Most items to fill the back packs can be purchased at the dollar store. Backpacks are filled with:
  • 1 composition book
  • 2 #2 pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • 2 erasers
  • 1 pair of safety scissors
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 box washable markers
  • 2 pocket folders
  • 1 plastic ruler
  • 1 pencil case
  • 1 lunchbox
  • 1 box of tissues

Filled backpacks will be delivered later to the State Chairman this summer. Date to be determined.

Thank you for supporting our Special State Project!

Cheryl, Jeannette and Debbie
Special State Project Committee