Community Impact Program Award!

Build a Better Community

January, 2020 was the beginning of a “kick off” month to pursue a two-year club endeavor under the state of New Jersey title: COMMUNITY IMPACT PROGRAM. This is the first time that we committed to a two-year service, volunteer, and involvement program for our West Deptford community. We agreed to work within our elementary schools and “Adopt-A-School” became our title with three main goals: needs, literacy, and educational support.

We Are Award Winners!

At the NJ State Federation Convention last month, our club won second place for the entire state competition and will receive a small check for our club’s efforts. A ten-page report was written by Linda J. describing the targeted issues within our elementary schools. We focused on promoting and reinforcing growth in reading for early learners.

Following the state goals: finding ways to enhance your community; create public awareness; and to make an impact in your community; we were led to our focus. We accomplished all three as we were promoted on school Web pages, Facebook, and Twitter. Covid was not helpful in this endeavor, but we worked with the school literacy coach to use technology and go virtual with our “read-alouds” that were taped. Over the two years, we were able to help early learners with their crucial literacy skills while assisting the classroom teachers with activities as well as the literacy coach.

A special thank you to all the members who helped to make education important. Thank you, ladies, for your classroom reading of books; videotaped book readings; and our book drive of 688 elementary classroom books to be divided among the three schools. If you helped with supplies for nurses, art & bookmarks, welcome-back cards for teachers, or donating books, we thank you. Thank you to April, our president, for writing the thirty-page fact booklets about the history of West Deptford on the 150th Anniversary of our community and a thirty-page coloring book as well for the elementary students. Together, we are happy to report that we met our goals and even drew attention in the state competition under the COMMUNITY IMPACT PROGRAM! You ladies rock!!