Crazy Sock Exchange

How can you use your imagination to have some creative fun with our club members during the upcoming Christmas/holiday party in December?

The Art Department is announcing a “Crazy Sock Exchange” for fun and creativity during our holiday dinner party at the Kitchen 519 restaurant. Buy a pair of funky, garishly colored or patterned socks and stuff them with an assortment of small treats and items. The SOCKS can be creative, artsy, striped, plaids, poke-a-dot, glittery, patterned, embellished, ugly, seasonal, funny, or cute. (I might add a jingle bell or two to my socks!) You can be creative and sew or glue more onto your SOCKS. How about snowflakes, emojis, or holiday themed SOCKS?

Next, please fill/stuff your SOCKS with small inexpensive items or an assortment of small treats. Suggestions are wrapped candy, lip balm, tin of mints, nail file, pocket calendar, small note tablet, pen, and so on. Please spend $10.00 to a max of $15.00 as a total value including the SOCKS and fillers. Now, tie your SOCKS together with a bow.

As you enter the restaurant, you will pick a number. After dinner we will pick numbers out of a hat and members will choose a pair of SOCKS. But the fun continues as we have three prizes for the following: Most Colorful Socks, Craziest Socks, and Most Creative Socks. The club will vote to pick the winners.

Note: Secret Pal gifts will be exchanged to reveal the member that surprised you with gifts all year. There will be no other Pollyanna or general/holiday gift exchanges by our members. It is our hope to enjoy and have fun exchanging funky SOCKS, showing your unique creativity. Optional, will be a picture of some of us wearing our brand new SOCKS! We can’t wait to have fun with your creations!!

Linda J.