Crazy Sock Exchange

Parties are about enjoying the company of others and having fun together as a group. Club members created some wonderful creative fun during our club Christmas/holiday party last month.

The Art Department was overwhelmed by the support of our members in participating in the “Crazy SOCK EXCHANGE.” Thirty-five members bought cozy, colorful, fuzzy, holiday socks and used their creativity to embellish or enhance their socks after filling them with goodies.

Each pair of socks was put on a display table as every member enjoyed observing the creative ideas and designs. The fun began as each member picked up a voting slip and began to mark their ballot for their favorite socks according to four categories:  MOST COLORFUL SOCKS, CRAZIEST SOCKS, MOST CREATIVE SOCKS, and MOST UNUSUAL SOCKS.

Four prizes were awarded after dinner and after the tallies were completed. Each member previously drew a number out of a basket and took turns picking out their favorite pair of socks from the display table to open and enjoy. Members were clicking away as pictures were taken; laughs were abundant; and fun was achieved.

The Art Department thanks everyone for adding to this special evening of joy and club friendship. Our holiday dinner party at the Kitchen 519 restaurant was a wonderful success and a memorable evening!!

–Linda J.

Featured photo: THE WINNERS! Most Creative: Linda J.; Craziest: Sue N.; Most Unusual: Lisa H.; Most Colorful: Isabella C.