Girls’ Career Institute

2022 marks the 76th year of Girls Career Institute. In 2019, 129 NJSFWC clubs sponsored 182 delegates to attend this mini college experience for girls completing their junior year of high school. After a hiatus of two years due to the pandemic, GCI will be held this year June 6-9. Our club sponsored 5 girls, and our own club member Ann Caswell will be on staff as a nurse.

GCI is held on Douglass Residential College Campus at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. The tuition for the Delegates is fully paid by the Womanā€™s Clubs throughout NJ.

For four days the Delegates live the life of a college student. They live in the dorms, eat in the campus cafeteria, walk to classes and enjoy student activities. The girls select workshops to attend; we have had Engineers, Magazine Publishers, Theater Teachers from Mason Gross, Nurses, NJ State Police, Doctors, Lawyers, and Oceanographers. All these presenters volunteerĀ their time.

The Delegates meet for the first time on Monday morning and by the closing ceremony on Thursday they have formed a chorus and a band. They have modeled their prom gowns, played their instruments, recited their original poetry, and performed onĀ stage in a play they wrote and directed. They have done community service projects to be passed along to those in need. And they have made lifelongĀ friends. The Delegates have networked without realizing the impact they will have in each otherā€™s lives in the future.

There is so much dedication to this incredible program from the club women of New Jersey. We have seen firsthand how GCI has changed the course of these young ladiesā€™ lives. Many GCI graduates have returned as speakers or held workshops. TheĀ transformation the housemothers see happening before our eyes is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Donations Needed

Each year clubs are asked toĀ donate a few items if possible. Following is a list of what can be used: Science Fair backboards to be used for “vision boards.ā€ Magazines to be cut up and used for the vision boards. Stick on decorations, bling to decorate their dorm doors, fleece for no sew blankets, blank greeting card envelopes (5×7) for homemade cards (cards supplies areĀ available) and bags of sugar & sugar free candy for tray favors.

I know how generous our members can be, so pleaseĀ remember this notice is going out to all clubs in NJ. I will deliver all items donated. Thank you for all your support for this program over the years.

Clara Campbell, GCI Chairman