Girls Career Institute

As you read this, the 2022 GCI Orientation is in the history books, and GCI is underway!

The Delegates have packed to get ready for GCI, and the Housemothers and staff have spent countless hours preparing to be a part of this exciting adventure. On Monday June 6, 2022 the housemothers and staff arrived on Douglass Campus around 9:00 a.m. The Housemothers had about 3 hours to prepare the room, decorate the girls’ Great Room in each dorm wing, the hallway, and bulletin boards. Then they headed to the staff orientation and lunch.

From lunch they rushed back to their wing and set up a table to greet the girls, collect any last minute paperwork and direct everyone to their rooms with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and siblings in tow. By 3:30 visitors were asked to leave campus and GCI really got underway!

Our West Deptford Delegates for 2022 are Gracie Broglin, Madison Colihan, Julia Goldberg, Brianna Green, and Paige McCullen, all Junior girls at West Deptford High School.

To all of the ladies of the Woman’s Club of West Deptford, Thank You! Without your support and dedication to Girls’ Career Institute, this opportunity would not be available to the students of West Deptford High School. Each report we give, we try to give you a glimpse into this experience. As I have stated on many occasions, if you have questions, PLEASE ask. I am always ready to talk about GCI and answer questions.

Thank you once again. We are looking forward to bringing the girls and a parent/guardian to meet you and talk about their experience in September.

Clara Campbell, GCI Chairman