Birthday Cake Boxes

Delightful Donations:

Birthday celebrations leave us with many happy memories and a day of celebration. Birthdays bring us smiles, good wishes from others, and a special day to enjoy commemorating. With generous donations, our club has collected 60 BIRTHDAY CAKE BOXES to distribute to our four local food pantries. It has been our goal to give others the means to celebrate a family member who has an upcoming birthday. These cake boxes are designed to be an easy way to provide a cake with a minimal expenseĀ using a few ingredients and not requiring eggs, oil, or water.

What a fantastic job our club ladies accomplished by gathering a box of cake mix, one container of frosting, one can of sprite, birthday candles, a foil pan, and some embellishments such as birthday plates, napkins, and homemade birthday cards. We are ready to deliver them to the South Jersey Dream Center, St. Paul’s Food Pantry, Colonial Manor UMC Food Pantry, and the Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries Food Pantry.

Thanks so very much to Agnes, Denise H., Peg S., Cynthia, and Margie M. forĀ delivering them to each location. Thirty members participated; 135 hours were spent on the project; and in kind donations totaled $226.00. Such a nice way to end the month of June and complete a rewarding project to help others in our community! Thank you everyone!!