May President’s Message

Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day to the incredible ladies of the Woman’s Club of West Deptford! Once again we will be celebrating differently this year, but the message is still the same. Whether you are a Mom, Stepmom, Grandmom, Aunt, Daughter, Godmother or Furry Pet Mom, we recognize and celebrate each and every one of you!

“Just be a good person. Love who you can, Help where you can, Give what you can.”

Kind Human of Life

“We will be forever known by the tracks that we leave” 

Native Proverb

As I was researching a quote for this month, I could not decide between the two quotes above so I included both of them. The incredible outpouring of giving that has come from our club this past month is just amazing.

We are still doing our best to stay safe during Covid-19, yet so many of our members have taken the time to gather food or give a monetary donation to several of our local food pantries and other organizations to feed families so desperate for essentials during this Pandemic. We have come together virtually to get the word out to feed families, collect shoes/clothing or send a card to local long-term care facilities to let residents know that they are not alone.

There is no way to really show how much you are appreciated for all that you do for others. I keep up with the Governor of NJ as he lets us know each day where we are during this self-distancing and isolation time. I know it is difficult and restrictive to not go do what you always have done.

I miss physically spending time with my family so much, but I know that we are doing what is necessary to get past this. We will continue to follow the Governor’s mandates and hopefully will get past this sooner than later. We will come through this, and those hugs, kisses and handshakes will be the best feeling ever.

Club Families

· Donna B.’s daughter Lisa and grandson Seth were sick but are now doing so much better. They were able to FaceTime with Donna and Steve.

· Sandy M.’s daughter Deanne has tested positive for Covid-19 this past week. She has symptoms and is quite ill.

· Sue N.’s husband Jim was admitted to the hospital for respiratory issues, most likely from acute heart failure. He is having a blood transfusion at the hospital and Sue is doing all she can to set up her house for Jim to return home to    recuperate.

· It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Lisa K. lost her mother on May 1st. Sympathy goes out to Lisa from all our members.

· Please send all the prayers, love and positive thoughts to these ladies and their families as they work their way through this difficult time. Also, big hugs and prayers to all of you as we do our best to stay healthy during this unprecedented time.


I know all of you would love to meet, spend time with your friends, have some of our ladies’ delicious desserts, and just socialize during our meetings. We will be able to get back to our meetings when it is safe to do so. We are social people and love to be with others; however the safety of each of you and your families is the most important right now.

Thank you to those who reached out to me regarding their concern about meeting too soon. Also, thank you for offering suggestions on a virtual meeting. Thank you for suggestions of meeting at other locations if the 6’ distancing spaces would work with masks.

Finally, thank you for your understanding and support of each other during this time. We do not meet in July and August so my plan is to (hopefully) meet in June and again sometime in late July.

Serious discussions took place regarding a Zoom meeting; however, some ladies do not have this option. We have 50 members, which would make it difficult to see everyone on our screens. Keeping an organized meeting would also be difficult to allow everyone a chance to speak and/or be heard. Every single member is important, and no one is to be left out because of inability to participate. All should be heard during a meeting. So right now we will continue to keep each other involved through emails.

All club business across the state continues to be minimal. However, State elections were held by email and with success. Our club was allowed 4 delegates to participate in voting this year so Denise H., Doris E., and Linda J. joined me in voting this past week. The results of the voting is at

Club Election Results

WCWD 2020-2022 Executive Board elections were also held last month through electronic voting and the participation was fantastic. Out of 53 members, 41 votes were cast in favor for the new Executive Board, no negative votes and 12 members did not participate in the voting. A big thank you to all who were able to take the time to vote and send such positive messages about this past year and the upcoming two-year term with our new Board.

The WCWD Executive Board for 2020-22 is as follows:

  • President: April Maska
  • 1st Vice President: Linda Jones
  • 2nd Vice President: Cynthia Holmes-
  • Butler
  • Recording Secretary: Janice Morrison
  • Corresponding Secretary: Sherry Wolf
  • Federation Secretary: Isabella Cooper
  • Treasurer, Operating Account: Peg Shirey
  • Treasurer, LGCCC Account: Donna Blocher
  • Parliamentarian: Denise Hosier (President Appointment)

Thank you is such a small recognition to the present Executive Board who have done such an outstanding job for the past four years. Their leadership, knowledge and support have been invaluable, and the new Board will have amazing mentors as they take over their duties. The new board takes over right after the June meeting. I am going to think positive that we will have a June meeting and the present board can be recognized for their contribution to the club and hand over materials to the new board members. If we do not have a June meeting, the new board is automatically in place as of our new Fiscal Year, July 1, 2020.

Our members also were unanimous in their vote to allow NJSFWC Headquarters to keep the $1,250.00 that was sent by our club for delegates to attend GCI this year. The money will save five spots for five WDHS girls to attend GCI in June 2021. Thank you so much for your prompt responses.


This month also has a few ladies who deserve some recognition. Our four Honor Roll ladies for 2020 are Joanne Kg., Carol M., Elaine R. and Donna B. They were to be recognized at the convention but as the convention has been cancelled, these incredible ladies will be honored at the next Garden District Meeting which will be either in June or September. As soon as we are informed, I will let you all know.

Thank you to Debbie H. and Janice M. who have been making masks for club ladies, family members and friends.

Debbie has also expanded her line to include caps for hospital personal. We definitely have some talented ladies here.

Please keep track of all of the costs of materials, monetary donations, physical donations and time involved in all of our activities. You should all be recognized for the efforts you put into our activities and we want to be able to include all of this when we write our State reports next January.

The WCWD won an award for our report on the State Project CASA. Thank you to all the ladies who donated throughout the year and a special thank you to Jeannette Wood who submitted the report.


Linda J. has reached out to Michael William as well as checking with other places to possibly hold fundraisers this Spring. With the mandates of social distancing, keeping customers and staff safe and trying to run a successful fundraiser, all places have elected not to do fundraisers until the fall.


Thank you to Cynthia H-B. for organizing pickup of food or monetary donations at the library parking lot for the SJ Dream Center. I know our donations have definitely made a difference and Natalie F. has sent letters to many of us expressing her sincere thanks. Also, a big thanks to Debbie H. who has been keeping track of cards sent to long-term care facilities. I have heard that we have sent over 54 cards as of this writing.


Our treasurers are ready to have their books audited before the new treasurers take over. We are presently working on a way to safely audit our books. Patty W. will also have the 2020-2021 budget ready by the end of this month for all of you to review before the new treasurers take over. Membership dues were due by May 1st so that we can file our report for the 2020-2021 club year. At present we have 49 members paid. I will be reporting on the 49; however membership dues will still be accepted.

Community Service Programs

Some club committee names are being changed by the GFWC. This means that some committees have been combined with others and will go into effect in September. The changes are as follows:

  • · Arts and Culture (Formerly Arts Creative)
  • · Arts Performing
  • · Civic Engagement and Outreach (Formerly Public Issues)
  • · Education and Libraries (Formerly Education)
  • · Environment (Formerly Conservation)
  • · Health and Wellness (Formerly Home Life and a lot of International Affairs)

I will be putting the final touches on the committees and will publish them in June before our meeting (yes, I am thinking positive).


Karen D. will be receiving the candidates for Scholarships in two weeks. I am looking forward to hearing who our Scholarship recipients will be. We are all available to help Karen as she prepares the selections of our four recipients.

Basket Raffle Fundraiser

Our Basket Raffle is still on the schedule for October 12th. Both Nancy D. and Nancy B. are just waiting to see what the next month will bring before they start their meetings, asking members to participate on this committee and requests for outstanding raffle baskets.

We are open to hear of any wonderful fundraisers that you ladies would like to suggest. Please let us know what ideas you have, who will chair, or if you are interested in chairing a fundraiser. Thank you!

I hope the list of places that was provided regarding curbside pick up in last month’s Tidbits helped each of you get the items you needed with minimal personal contact with others. I know it was a great help to me and I supported several of the listed establishments.

Finally, thank you to all our ladies for your continued strength, optimism, positive outlook, support and generosity during this pandemic. We are as strong as we are united. You all are amazing and keep providing for your families as well as to others both in and out of the club. Please continue to social distance, take care of yourselves and your families and just stay safe until we are past this difficult time. We can do this!!!!

Warmly, April