Nurses’ Closets Update

Our nurses are working hard and continuing to provide compassionate professional care to the students of West Deptford elementary schools. I have received the following requests:

Oakview School (Nurse Cindy Cobb)

  • Boys’ underwear size small or 6-8
  • Girls’ leggings size small and medium
  • Sweatpants for boys’ sizes small and medium
  • Plastic bags like the ones we used to get at the stores (Used to send soiled clothing home when the students have accidents.)
  • Flushable wipes

Red Bank School (Nurse Amy Wilson)

Hello and thank you so much for your continued generosity!

Red Bank School could use some of the following:

  • Boy’s underwear: Size 3T, 4 (special need for this size) and 6
  • Boy’s sweatpants size 3 and 4
  • Girl’s underwear: Size 3T and 6
  • Girl’s sweatpants size 3, 4 and 6.

Green-Fields School (Nurse Maria Budd)

  • Sweatpants that that are neutral in color that could be used for boys or girls would be best.
  • For PreK sizes 4 to 6, Third grade sizes 8 to 10, and 4th grade sizes 12 to 14. If possible, a few short sleeve t-shirts same sizes would be helpful .

Please remember that only underwear must be New. Pants and leggings that are clean and in good condition are allowed.

Thank you for all your support!

Photo: Advocates for Children Chair Karen H. with Oakview School Nurse Cindy C.