November President’s Message

Happy November, Club Sisters! As we change our decorations from the fun of Halloween to Pilgrims, Wampanoags, Turkeys and more, we start to reflect on all of the wonderful things that affect us each and every day.

This November is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us. —Terri Marshall

And with the above, I would like to add

Some of you are unaware of just how amazing you really are. The way you make people laugh, lift others up, or spread some extra love. You do this even though you may be struggling too, and I think it makes you such a beautiful human being.—Unknown

As a club, I am always amazed and humbled by the generosity of our members. With all we have going on in our personal lives, we never forget those in need. I am so honored to be a part of an organization who does so much for others. Because of all of you, three families will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. With the gift cards that we will donate, they will be able to purchase all that they need to celebrate their family in a very special way. Thank you for just being you. As the quotes above state, we will reflect on our blessings, but we also make sure that others will have a blessed holiday as well. It is because of all of you that others can smile and be thankful for the generosity of others. Yes
you are such “beautiful human beings.”

News is on the upswing for our members who have had medical issues. A big thank you to everyone who make food, sent cards, sent texts, gave flowers, emails or just said a prayer for our members who needed them. Reports from all ladies that I have spoken to said that they are doing better. Healing takes time but the messages are positive. Keep those prayers coming. We can all use some positive vibes.

We were so thrilled and honored to have had Marie DiMatties, Garden District VP come to our October meeting and share her uplifting message. I truly love when we have guests because they are then able to witness what a wonderful group of women we are.

A big recognition once again to Chairs Nancy B., Nancy D., and Denise H. for all the hard work they did on our basket raffle. Although not as time intensive as some other big fundraisers we have held, it still takes organization and communication for things to run smoothly. The final State Report is done and a big shout out to Nancy B. who, although recuperating, finished our report. It has been sent to the State and I know our ladies will give the final report on our profits at our November meeting. I would be remiss if I did not recognize all of you who sold tickets, organized ticket sales (Sue), donated baskets and worked the night of our event. It takes a village for things to work out and our “team” did not fail us. Because of all of you, we will be able to support many of our yearly organizations and families in need.

A big thank you to Janice M. who made up our survey for the club members to take. This was a huge undertaking, and it is not over yet. It is wonderful to see so many of you taking the time to complete the survey so we have a majority representation of our members and their opinions. Janice and Cynthia H-B. had also set up dates at the library for members to take the survey who were unable to make our October meeting. I understand that a couple more members will be taking it at the beginning of our November meeting and then the hard work begins. Janice will then enter the data into a spreadsheet and plans to share the results after the New Year. Why so long? Janice does not have a program on her home computer that automatically documents and calculates the information. All answers are entered by hand and then calculated
question by question. This is a long process
thank you Janice for doing this. Janice is familiar with surveys as she did this for a living before her retirement. This survey was suggested to us by the Garden District Membership Chair who spoke at our June Garden District Meeting. Marie DiMatties, Garden DVP was at our October meeting to observe our members taking the survey and we were able to give her a hard copy to take back to her club, our District, and to the NJSFWC. Janice also sent Marie a digital copy which is so much easier to share and modify for each club’s unique specifications.

Janice is also taking time out of her busy schedule to attend the State LEADS workshop on November 5th. This leadership workshop is to help club members who are new to leadership roles as well as those veterans who need ideas and support for occasions that arise in their clubs. We look forward to hearing all the great things that Janice learns.

Thank you to Linda M. who took the time to reach out to the Elementary Guidance Counselors who will identify families to receive our Thanksgiving Gift Cards. The gift cards have been ordered and we hope to have them by our November meeting so that Linda may take them to the schools. We will be supporting Operation Blessing this year for our Christmas donation as we will reach more families who will be able to get both food and gifts
one stop shopping.

A big recognition to our Health and Wellness Committee who are moving forward with our 130 Challenge. I am so totally excited about this! I have a FaceTime meeting with Chris T. and Carol D., who have a fabulous plan in place. I am so impressed by their ideas and initiatives. Something for everyone!!!!! This is going to get me back on my own personal exercise routine that I have been lax on since the Pandemic. Look for information in this edition of Tidbits and a report at our November meeting.

Another big congratulations goes to Denise H. who attended the State Fall Conference and was awarded the International recognition for the best Federation website. Thank you, Denise, for serving as state webmaster for the past four years.

The board also met with the GCI committee as they plan for this year’s GCI at Douglass College. Their yearlong plan is in place and I know that the girls we send will have an amazing experience. Also, look for a separate email from me about GCI. The Girls’ Career Institute is celebrating their 75th Anniversary in 2023 and they are looking for ladies who were fortunate enough to attend GCI as well as adults who were house mothers, speakers, nurses and more to share their experiences. What a great idea!!! I understand that they are collecting this information to share the 75 years of making a difference in the lives of so many young ladies.

Either myself or a board member have also been in contact with most of the other committees who are currently doing a project and sharing what they are doing and their future goals. Look for more information in this month’s Tidbits.

As unbelievable as it is, our Holiday Dinner meeting is only a month away! Please remember to bring your $30 to our November meeting if you have not paid as of today. Jody H. has to give a head count to Hollywood Diner so they are prepared for us. She also needs your dinner choice
I’m having the beef. If you want to participate in the cookie exchange, let Jody know so that we know how many ladies are baking and what kind of cookies you are making. I am making a peppermint cookie
what’s your favorite?

This month we are very fortunate to have Mary Ann Sullivan speak from the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation in Woodbury Heights. She will update us on our State Project. We will be gifting her with pillowcases made by our own Kathy N. and dry food items for their food pantry. Look for more information in this newsletter.

As we travel November, count your blessings, spend time with your families, enjoy the last days of Fall and have a very special Thanksgiving. You are all amazing and worthy of all the beautiful things that have and will happen to you😊

Happy Thanksgiving!