Special State Project: Ongoing Collection

Emmanuel CancerĀ Foundation

ECF is looking for items that can be used at their “Secret Santa” shop next year at their Christmas Party. This year, Sue N. and Debbie H. wrapped gifts for the children after they “shopped” (at no charge to them) for their parents. They were so excited!!!

As you may be cleaning out drawers or closets, please keep in mind that ECF can use new items. It may be a cologne that you don’t care for or a piece of costume jewelry, a pair of gloves or a scarf, etc. Use your imagination. Men’s or women’s items are needed. You do not have to go shopping as I am sure that like all of us, there are items that just sit and are never used. Sue N. and Debbie H. will collect these items until next October, but if you have items now and would be willing to donate them, turn them in.

Thank you in advance.