Secret Pals

The Secret Pal reveal will once again take place at our Holiday Dinner in December. If you are interested in participating in this monthly exchange I will have the form at our November meeting for you to take home to fill out. Secret Pals are chosen at the December meeting, so please remember to bring it with you to the dinner.

For those of you who are new or just not sure of what this entails, I shall highlight some guidelines. In December you will choose another club woman’s name. With her name will be a list of likes/dislikes, favorite things, birthday, anniversary, etc.. This will give you some ideas for gifts throughout the year if you are unsure of what to give. Three major gifts should be approximately $15.00 in value. You may spend less on frequently given gifts.

You will bring your gifts for your secret pal to the meetings and place them on the table as you walk in. They will be distributed at the end of each meeting. Please remember to only put the name of your secret pal on the tag or card.

These gifts are meant to be something to brighten your clubwoman’s day. This is a lot of fun for all. See Secret Pal information in your Yearbook or contact me for more information.

Holiday Gift Exchange

For those of you who do not participate in the S.P. gift exchange for the year, we also do a one-time gift exchange at our holiday dinner/meeting. This should be a new gift of approximately $25.00 in value. Please wrap or bag your gift. This year I would like you to include a card or tag with your name, so the person who receives it will be able to thank you. If you are planning to do this exchange please let me know, so I can make sure there are enough gifts for all who participate. Thank you in advance.