Secret Pals

We had a Secret Pal Reveal on Zoom December 9th since we were unable to meet in person this year. It really was a fun time!! It was like being at a birthday party for everyone.

Secret Pals delivered their gifts before the Zoom (or asked a Board member to help delivering them). One by one we tried to guess who our pal was. Lots of laughing and thank yous for the great gifts were shared. It was a nice way to end our year and spread some cheer!

For the 2021 Secret Pal until we can meet again let’s start with a lot of gift cards or gifts through Amazon. You can also use my return address or deliver them personally as we’ve been doing of course.

2021 Secret Pal Form is attached to the January Tidbits.

Wishing you all a happy, HEALTHY, New Year!