Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention

We hope you had a wonderful holiday this year and want to thank everyone who contributed to the SERV family holiday present drive. Our response was FANTASTIC! We supported most of the 12 families with gifts and gift certificates to the tune of more than $1000. With so many competing requests this year we were so blessed to be able to support these families. They and we really appreciate you.

The support need does continue as we enter into final phases of COVID and people are getting vaccinated. If you find yourself in a Wawa, ShopRite or Target in the coming days/weeks and can purchase a gift card (even $5.00) you can drop it off to either Linda or Janice. We will collect them and get them to the SERV community.

Here’s to a fabulous New Year! We can’t wait until we can all meet again!

–Janice & Linda M.