January President’s Message

Happy New Year Ladies! We are finally into 2021 and I know all of us are hoping for joy, peace, happiness, and good health moving forward. There was not a switch that was flipped at midnight on 12/31/2020 but we have entered this New Year with a blank slate, fresh perspectives, and hope that some normalcy will soon be upon us. I will say that if nothing else, 2020 had us focus more on family and the little joys that we do have right here in our own homes. This past year has been hard on so many of us; however, we all supported each other and had our prayer warriors keeping each other in our thoughts and prayers each day. We never wavered in our help of others and it always started right in our own club.

My wish for the New Year- That you have someone to love, have meaningful work to do, and have things greater than yourself to believe in; that you have a reason to smile every day and a shoulder to cry on when you need it; that you keep your integrity even when the choices are hard; THAT YOU LOVE DEEPLY, give freely, forgive willingly, laugh easily, and live well enough to be grateful for every day. ~Margaret B. Moss

The quote I chose for our January Tidbits and the start of a brand-new year is the inspiration we can follow for the next 12 months. It is so hard to keep upbeat and positive at times, and I hope that these words will inspire us as we travel this new book called “The year of 2021.” I am going to clip this quote and put it on my refrigerator. I don’t know about you but that is the one place I go to several times a day—That and the coffee maker!!!

Wrapping up 2020 was definitely not the way we planned to end our year with our club friends. No dinner, fellowship, fun activities and just enjoying the holiday season. However…we had a very festive Zoom meeting and had a great time chatting as we finished up our work for the year. Thank you to all who participated, contributed, and continued to support our good works that we do each week. The families we helped, the gifts given, monies donated and the care that you have shown all to make sure so many children had smiles on their faces on Christmas morning, and we did it. All of you have made the Woman’s Club of West Deptford shine. You are definitely the stars of the show?

Holly R. did a fantastic job hosting our virtual cookie bake before Christmas. We had so much fun making the delicious chocolate chip cookies and healthy chocolate cookie balls. Seriously scrumptious and we had a great time too. Thank you, Holly. I can’t wait for the next cooking experience!

Cynthia H-B also did an amazing job with our Secret Pal reveal! It was exciting to find out who our secret pals were and thanking them in virtual person. (Is that a word?) Our Secret Pals helped make a crazy year so much better and it was nice to chat with all of the ladies who participated and see the gifts for December being revealed! I am looking forward to our next Secret Pal pick so we can get started on this year!

Moving forward, our first item on the agenda is getting the committee reports to me by the 15th of the month. I already have several and the summaries are amazing. I will be sending out a reminder to the committee chairs and sub committees this week. I will be reaching out to everyone to check on your progress and help where needed. All reports are due to headquarters by the 31st. I need to go over them, copy them for our files and send them to make the 31st deadline. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Jody H. has officially taken over the LGCCC account. You will be hearing from her each month with the treasurer report for this account. Thank you again Jody for taking care of this account for us. A big shout out to Denise H. who graciously took care of this account for the last few months. We appreciate it more than you know.

Next up for this month is the Garden District Zoom Meeting, which is being held on Thursday, January 21st at 10:00 a.m. Anyone who wishes to participate, please let me know and I will send the Zoom link to you. I have it now and will be happy to forward it to you. Just let me know so that I can let our DVP Jill M. know you want to join in the fun. I already have Isabella C., Denise H., and Cynthia H-B. participating. Thanks, ladies!

Thank you to Isabella C. who took the time this first weekend in January to deliver our Federation Pins. She quickly made sure each of us received our pins before our next meeting. Another Rock Star!

I just ordered the book “Lost Friends” for our next Zoom book club meeting. I am looking forward to receiving my book and enjoying reading in front of the fireplace with a glass of an adult beverage. I find January can be dreary and a good book helps those quiet nights. (Especially since the Hallmark Christmas movies are over. ?)

Finally, as we have not been able to have our formal installation dinner for the new board, I will be making arrangements with our District VP Jill M. to come down one Saturday and quickly do an installation for our Board Members. We will do a formal one when we can meet again socially and have a dinner, but this way we can check this off our list. I know we are not the only club who has not been able to do this, but I want to start the new year with all the boxes checked and our board members deserve to be installed properly…I will let all of you know when this will take place so if you wish to be there, you can…it will only take a few minutes.

Ladies, have a wonderful week and quiet weekend…I look forward to seeing all of you at our next Zoom meeting on Tuesday, January 12th at 6:30 pm. It is always nice to catch up while in the comfort of our warm homes. Please keep our club ladies in your warm thoughts and prayers. With so much going on in everyone’s lives, sending our good wishes helps more than you know!