Special State Project Report

Operation Chillout:Ā Homeless Veterans Outreach

We collected $22.00 in cash last month at the club meeting. Thank you! Thank you! You are so generous! This money will be added to our monthly collections for our Special State Project. The total monthly donations are now $162.00.

Summer Update

Thanks to generous donations from womanā€™s clubs, Operation Chillout was able to deliver to all of its targeted outreach locations throughout NJ and northeast PA, with several locations getting second round deliveries of life saving cases of bottled water during the hottest days of summer. Many deliveries included new caps and t-shirts as well. Thanks to everyone that donated.

Winter Collection

We are now helping with Operation Chillout Winter Collection.Ā This is a backpack prepared for a man or woman filled with warm clothing ā€“ zipped hooded sweatshirt, non-leather gloves, knit cap, warm socks, thermals. They are delivered to locations where homeless people gather, including food pantries, soup kitchens, temporary shelters, and places where some sleep in the open in abandoned buildings, parks, and alleyways. A donation of $25 will purchase a backpack.

They are also requesting donations for the OCO Rapid Response Team and the Emergency Supplies Fund due to increased demand from recent floods.

If you want to donate go to www.operationchillout.org for the Online Winter Drive.

When you make an online purchase, be sure to include our club name in the business line. Please email me what you donate so I can keep a total of our club donations for my yearly report.

Thank you for your continued support of our Special State Project.