Succulent Garden Workshop

The love of art can be expressed in so many ways! Our members used their creative ideas while having fun as they assembled their Succulent Plant Dish Gardens. Peggy Grady provided a materials list for our ladies to purchase items needed to incorporate into a dish garden.

During Peggy’s presentation, we were instructed on how to care for succulent plants. Her itemized handout included some of the best practices in providing sun, soil, and the success of growing our own plants. Peggy included directions as to plant light, rotation, watering, drainage, cleaning leaves/spines, and fertilizing succulents in the summer as well as all year long through the seasons. Her lessons were so informative and interesting that most of us will create another dish garden or two in the future.

From the picture collage below we can admire the creativity and individuality of each member’s garden dish. Thank you, Peggy, for once again providing our club with a wonderful workshop and enjoyable evening. Thank you, Jody and husband David, for hosting us on your deck, providing the work area, refreshments, and then cleaning away the planting mix, sand, gravel, stones, and dirt, all while accepting the mess for the fun of art! You rock!