June President’s Message

As unbelievable as it is…June has arrived and so has the end of the club year. It has been a unique, unconventional, forward-thinking year but a very successful one.

“Be the reason another woman feels  sunshine…not shade” –author unknown

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish” –Michelle Obama

As we wrap up our 2020-2021 club year, I want to reflect on all that we have accomplished during this unprecedented time. The quotes I have chosen to end our club year reflect the ladies that I have had the pleasure to be working with these last 10 months. Nothing was too difficult, new ideas were accepted with open minds and suggested ways to implement them, teamwork was exhibited in all activities and our club sisters supported each other no matter what the project, family matter, suggestion or activity. I want to recognize you all who have participated in so much and helped make our club successful. The participation in fundraisers, the researched and written articles, the fun social activities, the projects (too many to list) and the many donations had an impact on so many. Each of you who chose different activities to be involved with helped make a difference both in our club and in the families in our community. #strength, #courage, #determination, #discipline…These descriptive words describe you!

We have won State recognition for some of our activities and have had two of our projects sent to the GFWC for consideration on a National Level. This speaks volumes to what we have accomplished this year. So many of you came out of your comfort zone and attended Zoom meetings, outdoor meetings and activities and did not let the current pandemic hold us back. Yes…it was a different year, but we proved once again that we can still fulfill our club objective: “To encourage social and cultural development through an organized activity, wherein women may meet, improve their mutual understanding, encounter significant ideas and contribute to community and world betterment.”

Several of our club sisters attended this years 127th Annual Convention on Zoom. It was enlightening, informational and uplifting, and although mentioned last month, it is worth mentioning again in this month’s Tidbits. Bylaws and Articles were updated on the State Level, which includes Cultural Diversity and Electronic Voting/Meetings. We heard from so many inspirational women, including Jan Hanson, NJSFWC President, whose mission “Let Our Voices Soar” was very evident in all of the club ladies across the state. We also had the opportunity to have Keynote Speaker Wendy Carriker, GFWC 2nd VP, attend and speak on the future of all clubs. She asked all of us to use the letters GFWC and write a saying. As I was listening to Wendy, I wrote: G: Gathering, F: For, W: Worthwhile, C: Causes. It was amazing to hear what some of the ladies came up with. Our Keynote Speaker had some inspirational words to share. I wish to paraphrase a portion of her message; I wrote as much as I could as she was speaking: “This past year has been challenging to all clubs. The pandemic has changed the ways clubs held meetings and completed activities. So many clubs change because of deaths, members moving, members leaving because the clubs are moving forward or in a different direction; however keep working on service. Bring in new members and use their ideas to infuse fresh ways of doing things. The growth and future of the clubs are its members. All of you are doing wonderful things and great activities. Keep up the great work!” I believe that the GFWC Woman’s Club of West Deptford has done just that…we continued to meet, complete different projects and helped so many this year. Thank you to all who have been committed to moving forward with the WCWD.

We have two activities that you will be hearing about this summer before we officially meet in September. The first is Operation Yellow Ribbon, stockings for our active military. I have already sent out the list for you to start shopping. If you need the list again, just let me know. We are committed to filling 50 stockings. This project falls under Civic Engagement and Outreach. As Carol M. is collecting books under Education, I will be taking all donations. Please feel free to leave your donations on my porch if I am not home. I can store everything until it is time to fill stockings. If you wish to fill stockings on your own, let me know and as soon as they are made, I will make sure you get stockings. Remember, a typed list of items in the stocking must be listed on the outside of the stocking, including whether it is for a male/female/gender neutral. Carol will be getting a team together at the end of the summer to double check stockings and fill remaining stockings with donations.

Our second activity is the NJSFWC Summer Conference on August 1, 2, 3 at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. I will be forwarding the agenda so you can see what the three days will entail. Our 2020-2021 Order of the Lily recipient and Honor Roll recipients will be honored on Tuesday, August 3 at 10:00 a.m. in the Castanet Room. I plan on going on Tuesday, as are several Board Members to support our recipients. Please let me know if you are interested in going for the day or for the 3 days. If you want to stay for the 3 days, it is $111.54 per night. The registration is $20.00 per person for the convention. I will check if it is the same price for one or three days or if there is a different price for the one day. Please let me know by June 30th if you are interested.

I also want to say thank you to our District VP Jill McD. who has been so supportive this year and has made a point to travel all around her area to make sure the clubs in the Garden District get everything they need. The June Garden District Meeting is planned for Thursday, June 17th on Zoom. More information will be coming.

A quick mention on the hard work our Raffle Basket Committee has done in the past month. Our license applications are filed in Deptford and as soon as we receive the licenses, we will move forward with ticket sales. We have about 25 baskets committed…we need about 15 more. Please let Dorothy A. know what your theme will be and get those items to Linda J. Thank you!!! This is going to be a successful night!

Finally…a shout out to your Executive Board who has worked tirelessly throughout the year. They have been so positive and supportive, and I am grateful to be working with such an incredible team.

Our last meeting of the year will be held at St. Paul’s Methodist Church on Tuesday, June 8th. We will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the parking lot. Bring your own chair and snacks. If the weather is uncooperative, we are now allowed to meet inside the Church Hall, masks required inside. Either way, we will be having our last meeting at the church. Plans are in the works for meetings when we start up again in September. We will be meeting in person when the 2021/2022 club year starts. The library has no plans to be open later than 7:00 p.m. in the future; however that can change at any time. A request is being made at St. Paul’s to see if we can continue to meet there outside or in the hall as needed. Stay tuned…you will be updated as we move forward.

I hope all of you had a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day Weekend and I look forward to seeing all of you at our June meeting.