Woman’s Suffrage Program Video

Click below to watch our video.

We are delighted to share the final product of our year-long 100th Anniversary Women’s Suffrage Movement Project, a video to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Originally it was scheduled to be a live program for high school students last April, including voter registration. The project was postponed because of the pandemic, so this year several club members worked with the high school to produce a video. This video will be incorporated into the high school curriculum next year and into the future.

There are so many people to thank for making this happen.First…to all of you who supported this idea last year and to those who volunteered to attend the in person program originally scheduled for April 24, 2020 as well as to assist the students in registering to vote.

As this did not happen, we have a couple people to thank for making this vision a reality. A big thank you goes to Dr. Brian Gismondi, Principal of West Deptford High School and Ray Kirshner, IT Teacher who came up with the idea of doing a video of our program. This video is being added to the Social Studies Curriculum for the teachers to use as needed with our upcoming voters.

We also want to thank Kristin Burke and Cory Frockowiak from the League of Women Voters for taking the time to come to the High School and being a part of our program. They brought fantastic information about their program.

Next a big thanks to Nancy Barna who did so much to reach out to the League of Women Voters and the Alice Paul Institute for their participation. Because of her efforts, we will be able to put a display from the Alice Paul Institute in the High School for May. She again made contact with Dr. Gismondi about moving forward with our project. She also made up slides and showed the students how to register to vote.

And last but not least…Chris Taylor who put together the most fascinating and comprehensive program on the Women’s Suffrage Movement and how it has affected us today. She narrated the whole program and kept things running smoothly. What a fabulous job! This was a real team effort.

The video can be found on YouTube as well as above.

There is no “I” in teamwork…this is why our club is so fantastic!