December President’s Message

The Holiday Season is upon us and I am enjoying every minute of the preparations, activities and shopping that goes along with this time of year.

The Holiday Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us. –Terri Marshall

As I prepare for Christmas, I always look for some small way to give back to others. Now that Evie is older, she joins me on some of these little activities. It never has to be a big gesture but something that makes the day of another person. We talk about all that we have and how we can help another. We enjoy doing this and find it such a rewarding feeling.

All of you do this every single day. That is what makes us such an amazing club. We are always finding ways to support or help others. It does not have to be a big gesture but something that somehow makes another feel better. Our club was able to take care of meals for three families this Thanksgiving…thank you Linda M. for handling this for us. We also gave a wonderful donation to Operation Blessing at the WD High School. I know that our efforts in raising this money will help several families have a wonderful Christmas.

Harbaugh Village was a great success again this year. Mr. Steve Harbaugh came out of the Harbaugh House to say hi and thank us for helping them count and sort thousands of toys. Our Volunteer Supervisor Melanie S. was so happy to have us at the Village on opening night. On our Thursday visit (12/1), the shelves we needed were being built while we were there. All the toys were brought outside where we had to tally each toy by price and sort into age appropriate piles. We were able to get through all of the toys donated so far, bag them and store them for us to put on the shelves on our Sunday visit (12/4). All of our Club volunteers and husbands who could come brought a toy to add to the collections and I will say it once again… it is a humbling experience to go through all of these toys knowing they will be in the hands of children for Christmas. We were also joined by two of our West Deptford 2022/23 Queens who helped tally, sort and organize toys. Miss West Deptford Jenica Zane and Little Miss West Deptford Evelyn Boucher both went right to work helping to get these toys ready for families. It was truly a West Deptford Volunteer Night! While we were there, we had an assignment to bag up toys for the Southern Chapter of the Emmanuel Cancer Center. The Harbaugh House works with the South Jersey Chapter all year. We had a list of ages that needed toys for the Emmanuel Christmas Party and we were able to fulfill that list. A big thank you to Sue N. who took that list and after toys were sorted into age groups, bagged what was requested. Three huge bags and boxes were loaded into my car and delivered to Debbie H. who brought the items to the center. We were the first group asked to help as we are so organized and worked until all toys were tallied, sorted and accounted for. I was asked if we could come later in the month to help bag presents for the families to pick up. I told Melanie to send me some dates and I’ll let you know. We will see if we can get a few members together to help bag toys for families.

Several of our committees have been collecting items to deliver to different organizations to help those in need since September. Basic items that we take for granted are so appreciated from those who don’t have them. Thank you all for donating to these worthwhile causes. I know it seems like we are constantly asking for things…choose what affects you or is close to your heart. Every little bit helps. Our committees have made sure that these items are delivered this month.

A group of our energetic ladies went to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation in Woodbury Heights to wrap gifts for the children. What a great activity…a few more ladies went this past Monday to wrap the remaining gifts.

Also…a group of our ladies met ay Denise H.’s home to make cards for a local senior care facility. Just another way to bring a smile to others during this joyous season.

State reports are due in January. I have given the reports sheets to each committee. Please get them to me by January 15th so I can copy them and send them out to the State Chairmen. Scholarship, GCI, Family Promise and Social…please write up a narrative to go with the Education and Membership Committees. You can email those summaries to me and I will include them with the reports.

The State GCI Chairman held a Zoom meeting and also sent the video of said Zoom to each Club President. Mary Kay T. updated each club on this year’s activities, expectations and highlighting the 75th Anniversary of GCI. I just received another update from Mary Kay and we will be sending in paperwork after the first of the year.

I am presently filling out an application for the Carol J. Sas Award. This award is to recognize a club or clubs who earned a significant amount of points per the Award Scale doing different community activities. Each club is supposed to collect at least 100 points to qualify for this award…we are way over 100 points😊 This application is due in February so I will be sending it in to Headquarters when I send in the State Reports.

Thank you to all who bought Poinsettias this month to help with another one of our internal fundraisers. My Poinsettias are gorgeous and are going to make great gifts to a few of my friends. Look for more fundraisers as we move into Spring. We will be putting our Donations List together in March and we will be able to do so much for others as long as our treasuries continue to grow.

I just saw the list of events that our Social Committee has put together and I can’t wait for some of these activities. If you want to get to know our amazing club sisters, attend some of these events. They are so much fun and we enjoy the fellowship that goes with each event. Note: I have already read the two books assigned for the next 2 book clubs. The books were fantastic!!!!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our December Holiday Dinner and meeting. The meeting will be short and totally abridged. At this dinner, many of us will find out who our Secret Pal has been all year. My gift is ready and I can’t wait to see who my Secret Pal is who has been spoiling me all year. Please read all your Tidbits to stay up to date on all of our activities and events.

Put January 10th on your new 2023 calendar for our next general meeting. This will be a Zoom meeting as January’s weather is so unpredictable and it is still dark so early. Unless we have a major snowstorm, our February General Meeting will be in person at St. Paul’s Church. Our next Garden District meeting will be on January 19th and that will be on Zoom as well. Let me know if you would like to attend the Garden District Zoom meeting. For newer members, this is a great way to see what other clubs are doing.

Enjoy this month and whatever holiday you celebrate. May all of you spend time with those who are close to you. This is the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

“Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.”—The Polar Express

Happy Holidays!