Fundraising Report

Happy Holidays to all my club sisters! Such a fun time of the year!

We have had a very successful first half of the year in fundraising. In September we raised close to $500 from the hoagie sales, October mums brought in over $300, and in November we raised $240 from poinsettias. In total we raised $1,050.30. Thank you to all who participated and helped. This is what helps to fund our holiday giving to families and presents for children.

Our next fundraiser will be in March. We are partnering with Ciconte’s in West Deptford for a “Pizza for a Purpose.” At our February meeting we will hand out vouchers to all members to be used as you order and pick up your pizza or dine in with one. The vouchers are good from March 1st to March 31st. The club will receive $3.00 for each pizza, and we are hopeful for good results. Vouchers can be shared with family and friends. It will be important to present a hard copy of the actual voucher. Phone pics will not be accepted. It includes pick-up orders and dine in orders only. No deliveries.

We are also busy looking for some new ideas to help maximize our returns in the coming months.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Holiday dinner in December.

Janice Morrison, First Vice President