October President’s Message

It’s October!!! This is such an awesome time of year! The air is crisp, the days are warm and the evenings are cool. I absolutely love this time of year and the holidays that come with it. Between now and January there are so many great activities and family events that I always want the time to slow down.

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” –Mahatma Gandhi

The above quote seemed appropriate this month as I reference some of the projects we are working on and the continued support that we offer in the community. Because of all of you, the effort you put into our fundraisers and the care you have for members of our community, we were able to help out a West Deptford resident who has been an important part of so many of us. As you know, Mr. Mike Coleman, owner of Lukoil Service Station, has had to close his service station because of his wife Cynthia’s illness. He has been generous to so many in the community and it was time to give back. We were able to give $200.00 to him through a Visa Gift Card to help with his daily expenses as he continues to help and support his wife. Thank you to Kim C. for bringing this to our attention and to Denise H. who reached out to St Paul’s Church and was able to secure the gift card. The card with a note from us on our donor card was delivered to the station on Tuesday, September 28th. I know you will join me in sending the family our thoughts and prayers as the Coleman family travels this difficult road.

West Deptford Day was a major success! Thank you to all who donated their time to our booth. The ladies who manned our table spoke to many people about our Basket Raffle and sold 40 reusable bags. Even with so many groups giving away reusable bags, we were able to sell ours and continue to support our treasury. I hear that Lisa H. and Carol M. are super sellers and definitely helped to sell tickets and bags. Also a big thanks to Jody and Dave H. who brought the tarp and table, set it up and broke it down at the end of the afternoon. Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all who came out to help: Isabella C., Peg S., Kim C., Debbie H. and Patty W. with Carol M., Lisa H. and Jody H. (I hope I didn’t miss anyone) as I was manning the West Deptford Historical Association display celebrating the 150th Anniversary of our Township.

Operation Yellow Ribbon is done for us as our stockings will be traveling to the NJSFWC Headquarters next Tuesday, October 12th. Thank you to Denise H. who will be bringing them for us when she attends the monthly state meeting.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We are very fortunate to have a speaker coming to our October Meeting from SERV who will give us an informative presentation on Domestic Violence. Thank you to Linda M. and Janice M. who were able to make this happen for us. The colors to wear for this month are either pink or purple?

Our mum sale was another great success. Thank you to all who bought mums to beautify their homes and support our Operating Account. Every penny will go to help members of the community for this club year.

And…Socially Speaking…what a fun night we had at Fahrenheit Ceramics! Thank you Holly R. and Jody H. for organizing such an exciting time. The company was excellent, the conversation stimulating and everyone made such beautiful and unique ceramic items for their homes. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s projects came out. Jody will be picking them up for us and will be bringing our items to our meeting for pick up. I can’t wait for our October Book Club and Treat Making Date. Great job, ladies! This outing was a winner!

It’s Basket Raffle Time!!!! We are finally able to hold our basket raffle and build up our LGCCC account! Nancy B. and Nancy D. have done a great job coordinating with Adelphia’s and holding Zoom meetings to cross our T’s and dot our I’s. The basket raffle committee has been wonderful attending Zoom meetings and making sure that we have everything we need. Peg S. went over to see how we will get the 43 baskets in with wagons and a cart. With the ramps and small amount of steps involved, we will be able to get these large, heavy baskets in with relative ease. Linda J. and Peg S. have wrapped all the baskets, Sue N. has done a great job with the tickets and Dorothy A. has done a wonderful job keeping the basket list up to date. Denise H. and Agnes K. are presently putting the program together with a list of all the baskets and making the copies for our participants that night. And a big shout out to the rest of us who attended meetings or just supported this big fundraiser by selling tickets. We are going to have a successful and exciting night!

The NJSFWC State Project Chair and Committee is holding a BUNCO night in October to raise funds for our State Veterans Project. A thank you to Debbie H. who is putting together a raffle basket for that night. Each club was asked to donate a basket and Debbie is taking care of that for us with some donated items.

Finally, we are waiting for word on pick up of the Veteran Haven donation of household items. We have three homes housing items and I know they would like the goods picked up. Hopefully it will be soon…I will keep you posted. If you have items to donate by the pickup date, let me know.

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween (early)…don’t forget your Secret Pal gifts for your special Club Sister.?

Warmly with Pumpkin Spice Coffee,