Women’s Suffrage Centenniel (Cancelled)

Due to the closing of schools and social distancing, this program has been cancelled for April 2020. We hope to reschedule when school resumes.

Planning for our Women’s Suffrage Project is fully underway and I couldn’t be more excited!

Nancy B. and Chris T. will be joined by Janice M., Isabella C., Carol M., Linda J., Sue N., Cynthia H-B., Peg S. and myself on April 9th at West Deptford High School with the Camden County League of Women Voters. We are in the final preparations for our Women’s Suffrage Program for our graduating seniors, and it really is going to be amazing. After a meeting with Dr. Gismondi, Principal, our program is set and it is going to be a very informative program for all in attendance.

This fantastic committee will be meeting on March 24th at Carol M.’s home with a representative from the Women’s League to go over the final details of our morning assembly. I want to thank Chris T. for agreeing to be our emcee, introducing who we are and a brief explanation of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and will then introduce the ladies from the Women’s League. These ladies will be explaining the League’s goals, struggle to expand the right to vote, share issues of importance to youth today and the decisions they are making already, discussion of the elections dates with explanations of registration process, the form itself, and then invite the students to join our ladies to register to vote. There will be giveaways and handouts for the future voters as well. Chris T. will then wrap up our program.

A big shout out to Nancy B. who reached out to the Camden County League of Women Voters, the Gloucester County Board of Elections and the Alice Paul Institute. She did an awesome job getting our project off the ground. We are planning to get banners and posters from the Alice Paul Museum to put up in the High School lobby. This is going to be a fantastic event, and thank you to all the ladies who are going to help get out the word to encourage our young people to exercise their right to vote and to learn about the Women’s Suffrage Movement and how it changed the course of history.