Health & Wellness: Wear Your Mask!

Masks are so important during this time. There are 7 mistakes you might be making with your mask (taken from Livestrong):

  1. Forgoing a mask—anyone 2 and older should wear a cloth face covering outsider of their household, especially when social distancing is hard to maintain (per the CDC). The mask acts as a barrier, preventing droplets from landing on other people. Mounting evidence suggests that even a person’s exhalations can produce aerosols that can hang in the air.
  2. Wearing an ill-fitted mask—Proper fit is key. Your nose, mouth, and chin must be covered. Covering your nose does not impede your breathing or the oxygen level in your blood. It may make breathing seem more difficult, but a study with a doctor wearing 6 masks showed the same oxygenation in the blood as if he was wearing one mask.
  3. Touching or tugging at your mask—If you’re constantly pulling off your mask, that defeats the purpose. For example, if you take off your mask and then cough or start talking, you could potentially spread the virus.
  4. Skipping soap and water or hand sanitizer—wash your hands before putting the mask on and if you happen to touch your mask while wearing it. Once home, untie the strings or remove the ear loops, fold the outside corners of the face covering together, place it in the laundry, and wash your hands. If you wear gloves, remove them first, wash your hands, then remove your mask and wash again.
  5. Not washing your cloth mask—“Would you wear the same pair of underwear over and over again?” an article asked. The same is true of cloth masks. Wash after every use! In the washing machine, set at the warmest temperature. By hand, combine 4 teaspoons of bleach with a quart of water or use detergent with hot water. Let it dry in the sunlight. Or you could buy 7 masks, one for each day of the week, and hang them in a warm place after each use. By day 8, the 1st mask in the rotation will be ready to use again.
  6. Reusing a disposable mask—Don’t!
  7. Forgetting your mask—Make it part of your routine when you go out. Keys, wallet, cell and mask, or leave one in your car.

Remember 40% of people with Covid never show symptoms of the illness!

Our Donation Totals

South Jersey Dream Center–$2120 and 1678 lbs. of food.

Seeds of Hope—150 sandwiches (in kind donation $700).

Angels of God—10 large bags full of clothes (in kind donation $600).

We are an amazing group supporting our communities with food and clothes.

Clothing for Angels

With the fall/winter season coming, I will be collecting clothes for Angels of God. Just drop off your donations to my house and leave in front of the garage. I’ll take them down monthly.