September President’s Message

Welcome back, ladies! Our 2021/2022 Club Year is about to begin! I hope all of you had a wonderful, relaxing summer and spent time doing some of your favorite activities. I know my summer was full of family and friends…lots of swimming, BBQs and laughs. As great as the summer was, I am excited to get back into our club year, which is once again full of wonderful activities.

Be that person who roots for others. Who tells a stranger they look amazing and encourages others to believe in themselves and their dreams. —*fullspiritquotes

Although our summer was all about regrouping and preparing for a new year, several of our energetic members continued to work and get things done before our new club year begins. You have been so supportive of each other, which is what makes our club so special!!!

Operation Yellow Ribbon has been a great success. Because of so many of you, the stockings are full to the brim with so many items for our military. A big thank you goes to all who contributed items, kept accurate counts of what was received, designed, outlined, cut and sewed the stockings, stuffed stockings and packed them so that they are ready to be delivered when we received the dates. This was definitely a team effort. The few items that did not fit in the stockings will be distributed to the South Jersey Dream Center and the Domestic Violence/Health and Wellness Committees for their “Purse Project.”

We also had some ladies work this summer collecting and storing items for the “Haven for Veterans” project. Those household items have been stored at Chris T. and Isabella C.’s homes ready for pickup when we receive word.

Also, 688 books have been delivered to the three Elementary Schools before the start of the school year. The Principals have received them and will be making them available to all the teachers at their In-Service before the school year begins. Thank you to the Education Committee, Carol M. for collecting all of these books.

Please note that our first meeting of the year will be held at St. Paul’s Methodist Church on Church Street in Thorofare. We will start at 6:30 and plan to be done by 9:00. Our Hospitality committee will have some individually wrapped light refreshments for all to enjoy. Although St. Paul’s Church is not making masks mandatory, we are asking that our ladies please wear them as we are indoors… but it is not required.

I am very pleased to have our Garden District Vice President Jill McDonald join us at our meeting. She will be inducting our new Corresponding Secretary, Lisa Hunter and giving out the Honor Roll Certificate to one of this year’s Honor Roll recipients who could not attend the Convention. Jill has not only been a member of the Woman’s Club in her area for several years holding many positions, she has been the Chair for GCI for many years before becoming the Garden District Vice President. Jill is also New Jersey’s Middle Atlantic Region Jennie Award Nominee. We are confident Jill will do well. We will also be inducting two new members at this meeting. A full night is planned.

Chris T. came up with a great idea that I want to share with all of you. As the library and other facilities are not taking donated books, she suggested that we have a book swap. We can all bring books we have read and no longer need and bring them to our meeting. We all can browse through the books and pick some interesting titles to enjoy. We do have to take home any books that are not taken. This is a great idea and this will give us some great reading material for the fall.

West Deptford Day is September 18th and our booth has been reserved. Patty W. has been working consistently behind the scenes to have our reusable bags ready for our booth. She plans to have a sample with her at our meeting.

The first Garden District Council will be held on September 16th at the Haddon Fortnightly starting at 6:00 pm. Several Board Members will be attending. Let me know if you wish to join us and hear all about the clubs in our District. The WCWD will be hosting the June 9, 2022 meeting at St. Paul’s Church. More information will be coming after the first of the year.

This year’s Day of Service will be held on 11/13. Advocates for Children Chairs

Lisa H. and Robin E. will be handling this year’s project. More information will be coming at our meeting.

Each of our Committee Chairs have some amazing projects lined up and I can’t wait to hear all about them. Our next Book Club Zoom meeting is in October and I am looking forward to discussing this very interesting book.

Our big fundraiser for this club year is our Basket Raffle which is scheduled for October 19th from 7 to 9 at Adelphia Restaurant. This fundraiser will fill our treasury and help with all of our donations and projects. From the pictures I have seen, the baskets are just amazing.

A big shout out to all who have been participating at our Zoom meetings. We have a great group of ladies assisting Chairs Nancy B. and Nancy D. The licenses are in my hands, the insurance has been paid and we are ready to go. My tickets are gone…I know we will have a great event.

Please take the time to look through all of the articles in this month’s Tidbits to get all caught up on what is coming. We have a dynamic group of ladies and I can’t wait to get started.

Happy Labor Day to you all and I look forward to seeing you in another week. We have a fantastic year ahead of us!